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Marshalpalooza Spiritual Fellowship
Welcome to the World’s MOST Popular Spiritual Fellowship Experience for Spiritual Gangsters & Psychedelic Adventurers!
Escape to Happiness.

Marshalpalooza Spiritual Camp is Spiritual Retreat Meets Summer Camp. It's an escape for adults to enjoy all-inclusive premium spiritual camp in the mountains of Bigfork, Montana.

At Marshalpalooza Summer Camp you will relive the old school days of work-free, stress-free living.

It’s time to put away your phone, connect with some really good people, play like a child at heart, and party like a responsible grown-up.

It’s a mini-vacation for those who need a break from the reality of being an adult.

Our all-inclusive Marshalpalooza Summer Camp packages include: accommodation, alcohol, nightly events, delicious meals and, of course, all of your favorite classic camp activities. 

Play Like a Kid.

Marshalpalooza Summer Camp is an escape from the realities of adult life...
A 3 night, all-inclusive weekend at a summer camp in Bigfork, Montana.

What Is Marshalpalooza Summer Camp?

Marshalpalooza Summer Camp is an experience for grown-ups held at premium summer camps in a remote location in gorgeous Northwestern Montana. The program is designed for people to come and not worry about the outside world and live carefree, like when you were a kid! 

Essentially, we’re all about having fun! Each adult summer camp event is slightly different from the next but you can always expect a wide range of camp activities each day and awesome socials each night. These socials often have themes and might involve live bands, campfires, foam parties, pool parties, live bands, DJ’s, talent shows, skits, and more.

Whether you come to adult summer camp by yourself, with a partner, a group of friends, or even your company, we are going to shake up the weekend so you get to build meaningful connections with new people.

That’s our purpose... to bring people together.

Who Comes To Camp?

The workaholics...

The adventure seekers...

The outgoing...

The outdoorsies...

 The brides-to-be and her girls...

The husband-to-be for that last guys trip...

The best friends who haven't seen each other since college...

The people simply looking for a break from parenting...

The honeymooner’s...

The creatives...

The ones between jobs right now...

The ones who want to try new things...

And ESPECIALLY the ones who feel lost and aren't sure what their next step should even be.

This is for the people who like fun and dancing and having a damn good time feeling happy.


Pretty much anyone.

There’s a Place for Everyone at Camp.

People are wired to make connections...

And we believe there are very few places that allow you to build connections like summer camp. 

We bring a diverse crowd of people, from across America and around the world to one summer camp, and everyone loves it!

We have a corny little dad saying, but it's so freaking true, and it goes...

"There's no WiFi out here, but we promise it's the BEST connection you'll ever get!"

At our Marshalpalooza events...

We’re not interested in hearing about...

What you do for work.

How successful you are.

Or how much money you make.

We care about whether you’re willing to put yourself out there and get involved with everyone and be the person you want to be.

Adult camp is an escape...

A chance to get away from the real world for a bit and have a good time...

And when you leave camp... we want you to feel a part of our community. 

Camp Activities.

We offer dozens of camp activities.

There’s a great mix of activities that are perfect for everyone.

Activities will vary camp to camp, depending on season or location.

Here's a list of the types of activities you can choose from each day...





















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